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Secure your world

This tracker really works!

With Trackimo you will always find your beloved ones and belongings.

  • GSM/GPS/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi location
  • Mobile () and browser app
  • Inteligent alerts
  • Small size

For loved ones

Our trackers have an SOS button, what allows your beloved to inform you at any time when something bad happens

For Pets

Always find your pet. The mobile app will show you how to get to your four-legged friend

For Travelers

You and your luggage are safe during the trip with Trackimo. Share your travel history with your friends

For Cars

Trackimo tracker with car adapter will be perfect protection for your car or truck

For vehicles

On land, on water and in the air Trackimo tracker will locate any type of your vehicle


Choose by yourself when you want to use your tracker. Order code taht renew global service on your Trackimo after your current subscripion period ends

Why Trackimo?
The application is designed for Trackimo users and provides quick and easy use of the full functionality of the tracker, as well as rapid changes in settings . Managing your tracker is easier than ever.

Ready to use

Each unit is equipped with M2M SIM card that does not require registration. By purchasing our product you will get the device ready for use with a global subscription.

Real time tracking

GPS and GSM guarantee that the information about the position of the device will always be very accurate, and mobile and Web apps enable real time tracking of Trackimo tracker.

Smart alerts

SMS notifications, email and mobile app will inform the group of people you choose that: GEO-fences border zone is crossed, tracker starts the movement, exceeds the set speed, even on its low battery.


All information about your location belong exclusively to you.


The application allows you to define up to five geo-fences s in any area on the map. After entering or leaving the zone you will get a notification.

SOS button

When you find yourself in unpredictable, dangerous situation immediately summon help by holding down the SOS button. A message containing detailed information about the time and location of the alarm device will be sent to pre-defined contacts.

Water resistant

The devices are well protected from rain, moisture and dirt.

Small size

Thanks to its small size, the tracker can be hiden everywhere!

Our customers reviews

Teresa, mother of two

Review 5

If you have already been sending your kids alone to school, you know what kind of stress it is. Thanks to Trackimo I’m calm as I know where my kids really are.

Ania, cat owner

Review 4

Fluffy, my Persian cat, likes to walk along her paths. Thanks to the small and light Trackimo tracker, I'm not worried that I do not know where she is at the moment.

Darek, dog owner

Review 3

My four-legged friend often runs on a large, private property, hiding in bushes and brushwood. Thanks to Trackimo, I can always find him when he disappears from my sight range.

Elżbieta, active senior

Review 2

I am still a young spirit but not too familiar with new technologies. I can get lost in a constantly changing city. Thanks to Trackimo, I can always inform my relatives that I have a problem, and they can easily find me.

Marek, scooter owner

Review 1

A scooter is my everyday means of transport. Thanks to Trackimo, I get a notification about the undesired start of the movement of my vehicle, and when I return home, after work, my wife sees where exactly I am.