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Why you should track your pet?


Your pet is often going for a lonely walk or chases after other animals and can not find the way back, which makes you repeatedly worried about him? Trackimo tracker will let you feel calm knowing where your four-legged friend is.

Geo-Fences and instant notifications inform selected people about leaving the predefined area, as well as entering a dangerous area. Thanks to this you will be able to immediately intervene and find your dog or cat easier.
With Trackimo, you will not have to worry about your friend anymore.



Trackimo with a built-in GPS / GSM transmitter will allow you to locate your pet’s location very accurately.
Thanks to GPS / GSM monitoring, you can check where and when your pet was staying based on the travel history up to 12 months back.

Trackimo allows you to create a Geo-Fence with specific dimensions, the violation of which by a four-legged companion, eg when entering or leaving a yard, will generate instant SMS, email and mobile application alert. Selected people will receive a notification with the exact address and position on the map of their pet.

The advantage of trackimo is a mobile application that allows you to reach your pet easily. The user can check his location and the wanted pet at once. In addition, the application will show the shortest route. Trackimo stands out for its quality, small size, ease of use and global reach –  tracker works all over the world, and the use abroad is completely free.


Trackimo Mini is additionally equipped with a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module, which enables very precise location, even in places such as shopping centers, airports and underground garages. However, the GPS Module will allow for perfect location of your pet in every forest!

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