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Smart and user-friendly web interface allows user to set up his device and track it in real time. Trackimo offers an application for iOS and Android. All mobile devices are capable of accessing trackimo interface.

Log in to the test platform in order to get to know all its functionalities:
Login: demo@trackimo.com
Hasło: test123456

Sygnał GPS i GSM dają gwarancję, że informacja o pozycji urządzenia zawsze będzie bardzo dokładna, a aplikacje mobilne i dostęp WWW umożliwiają ciągłe śledzenie Trackimo.


The application allows you to define many zones on any area on the map. After entering or leaving the zones you will receive a notification.


Powiadomienia SMS, email i aplikacja mobilna poinformują grupę wybranych przez Ciebie osób m.in.: o opuszczeniu wyznaczonej granicy GEO-strefy, rozpoczęciu ruchu, przekroczeniu ustalonej prędkości, a nawet o niskim poziomie baterii.


W dowolnej chwili sprawdzisz gdzie znajdował się lokalizator



  • The application allows user to check his route. Shows location points along with exact date, time and location.
  • The device gives user the opportunity to check the history of his route up to 12 months back.
  • With one account you can monitor many different devices.
  • Based on the history of the route you are able to check e.g. whether the vehicle travelled the shortest possible route without unnecessary detours.


Thanks to application user can determine to whom and how will be sending notifications. In addition user will be able to:

  • Set speed limit.
  • Define text notifications for the left and right buttons.
  • Enable or disable SOS notifications.
  • Set tracking frequency.
  • Enable or disable low battery notifications.
  • Enable or disable notifications letting you know when the device starts moving.


  • GEO-fences: Our application allows you to define up to five zones in any region on the map. Trackimo will inform selected contacts when trackimo crosses the borders of your zones.
  • Side panel showing the device’s battery level, date and last location.
  • User can turn on street view mode or change the map to satellite view, which shows terrain details.
  • Our application allows to check Your and Trackimo device current locations furthermore the application will generate shortest way to your locator.

TRACKIMO – best choice

Do you know why it is worth choosing the Trackimo product?
Devices tailored to your needs and a reliable mobile application.

  • Intuitive application
  • Intelligent alarmsIntelligent alerts are SMS and e-mail notifications which will inform you about crossing predefined Geo-zones, speed alarm, movement alert.
  • Easy managementWith one account you are able to monitor many different devices.
  • Worldwide coverageTrackimo is the only company on the Polish market that offers a service that operates worldwide without any additional roaming charges.