IMPORTANT! Better price for regular customers + free device

A special offer for all current Trackimo customers – you can buy an additional 12 months for your current subscription at the old price of 59,75 euro (we will add them to an already active subscription). ADDITIONALLY, you will receive a new, better Trackimo 3G device from us. (only if You have Trackimo 2G)

Why are we replacing devices?

Due to the change in the technology of mobile operators, some older Trackimo 2G trackers will cease to function on July 1, 2021. This is related to a change in technology and operators whose services are used by Trackimo trackers, ensuring global coverage in all countries. . In order for the tracker to send its position, it connects to the nearest available 2G / 3G mobile network. The technology is changing and the SIM cards used in the older 2G models will soon be phased out by operators. That is why we offer our clients a FREE replacement of the device with a new one when extending their subscription.

What will happen to the device I am using now?

If you are using a Trackimo 3G device, after July 1, 2021, nothing changes for you. However, we encourage you to take advantage of the new, flexible subscription plans >> (LINK)which we introduced in January.

If you use the older model of the Trackimo 2G tracker, it will continue to operate on the current terms for another half a year, until July 1st 2021 We encourage you to take advantage of the new preferential offer and replace the device.

What will I get as as part of the replacement?

For all current customers who would like to take advantage of the exchange program, we have prepared a special offer: by purchasing a subscription for 1 YEAR at a promotional price of 244.50 PLN (instead of 659 PLN), you will receive the latest Trackimo 3G locator for free. The new device is:

✅ new quality and global reach
✅ longer battery life
✅ updated firmware
✅ higher tracking frequency of he tracker (even every 5 seconds).

You will pay 244.50 PLN for an annual subscription instead of 659 PLN. You will pay 244.50 PLN for an annual subscription instead of 659 PLN. Additionally, after 12 months, you get access to new flexible subscription plans (link) in which you pay for the Trackimo service

How to participate in the promotion?

  1. 1. Buy an additional 12 months at the old price of 244.50 PLN – LINK
  2. 2. Enter the ID number of the old tracker in the comment to the order.
  3. 3. We will activate your new annual subscription immediately, adding 12 months to the currently active subscription.
  4. 4. You will receive the new device by postage in April.
  5. 5. You don’t need to send the old device back to us – it will work until July 1, 2021.

IMPORTANT NOTE, for technical reasons, the number of promotional packages is limited. Please make a decision quickly.

Do you have any questions?

If you do not know which device you own or have questions about the new offer – we are available:

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