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Help / FAQ

To renew your subscription, you must purchase a subscription by visiting the Trackimo store – https://shop.trackimo.eu/en/. The customer can choose: 1 Annual or 1 Month Global Subscription. Renewing a monthly subscription costs 5,95euro / 1 month, while the activation of the annual subscription costs 59,75euro / 1 year. Payments can be made using: PayU, dotpay.pl, PayPal account or traditional bank transfer.

After making the transaction, the customer will receive an activation code on the e-mail address. Then log in via the website to the management panel – on the left close to the device name, expand the settings icon, select „Device Details” and „Extend your subscription”. In the next step, select „Payment by activation code”. The subscription extension window will appear with a request to enter the activation code in the place „Coupon code”. After entering the correct code the subscription will be immediately renewed.

Short pressing the red ON / OFF button will display the status of the machine. Device states: 1. Green LED – the device is on

2. The red LED lights up when the device turns off

3. The blue LED on the left indicates that the device is connected to the cellular network

4. When two blue LEDs light up, the device is connected to the GSM network and receives the correct GPS signal

NOTE: Flashing two blue diodes is a information that the device has not yet determined the exact position and is trying to connect to the network.

Efficient battery allows the device to work up to 14 days depending on the selected settings (frequently updating positions reduces battery life). Typically, batteries work from 3 to 10 days.

After unpacking: Charge the device for at least 12 hours. The next full charge takes about 1.5 h. Put the device in a good GPS and GSM visibility location, outside or near the window. Turn on the device by pressing the red power button for about 4 seconds. A green flashing light means that the unit turns on. Register an account: go to Trackimo.pl and select Register and then enter your email address and password to log in and Trackimo application. Confirm registration: Please check your email and confirm your account registration in the system Log in to trackimo.pl using your e-mail address and pre-established password (you will need to confirm your email address in advance to log in). After logging in, click the orange activation button and enter the information in the registration form. During activation, you need the device ID number which can be found on the Trackimo or on the device – under the battery or on a removable flap. See the video.

Detailed user instructions are located on Trackimo.eu, at the bottom of the page or in the link below User’s Guide

Export Tracking History: On the left side of the panel, when you log on trackimo.eu, in the history section of the pull-down menu, select the date range and then the date between which the data can be exported, then click Export CSV (CSV is Excel file). You can also export notifications. At the top of the screen next to the activation button is the notification icon. When you click on it, the Export CSV button will save the file containing the list of notifications.

To check if the device is turned on, short press the power button. Blue indicators will inform you about your device status. A single blue light means your device is connected to the GSM network but is out of range of GPS signal. Two blue lights indicate stable tracking connection and if the lights are flashing your device is not connected.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to clear the tracking history. If the user cancels the service, the service is stopped and then the history is deleted.

Probably the limit of available SMS messages in a given month has been used (normally 10 messages per month). After clicking „Manage subscription” on the left side of the panel available after login, you can select „Increase monthly SMS alert” and expand the number of mobile notifications available. Notices sent by email are not limited.

Yes, Trackimo can be connected with our dedicated car charger for 12V and 24V. The device and the charger can be hidden to protect your vehicle.

Link do produktu Ładowarka Samochodowa

Trackimo tracks itself based on GPS satellite signals and based on GSM network if GPS signals are not available. Location based on GSM network may not be as accurate and may differ depending on the signal strength. GSM tracking is indicated with a blue ring around the device on the application map.

Yes, Trackimo battery status is presented in the following levels: 100, 65, 50, 35, 10, 0%. When the battery level drops below 10%, a low battery notification is sent.

Upon request of the user, the service can be stopped. Please note that in this situation, the browsing history will be cleared and the service will not be available and the remaining subscription will be lost.

Yes, mobile applications with the following systems are available: Android and iPhone

When you press the buttons, the notifications are sent. In Settings you can define who (email addresses or phone numbers) the notifications will be sent to. Buttons can be used as needed, for example at the beginning and end of the road to school, as a ready-to-go signal for lunch, etc.

Trackimo provides data for the past 12 months, and for this period of time after the service is complete, tracking data will be available to you. You can also export history to a csv file. When the service is deactivated, historical data is erased.

Yes, most of the tones can be muted – except to find the position when the device is turned on. You must file this request through the help system.

Geo-fences are something like virtual fences. You can create five zones. Exceeding any of them will generate an alarm with information that the zone has been exceeded. Geo-fences can tell you, for example, when your child goes outside the home or school or if the car leaves the city.

No, the 12 hour charging cycle is only required for the first load. The standard charging time is about 1-1,5 hours depending on the charger used.

When purchasing a device with a yearly subscription you will not be charged during the whole one year after activation. If you wish to prolong your subscription you can do it using the “renew subscription” option in the subscription management tab. If monthly subscription is chosen it can be cancelled by contacting our customer service agents. If cancelled the service will be terminated instantly and tracking history will be removed. Send the application With the request to stop the service and download a subscription (for a monthly subscription), your account will be paused, your location history will be deleted, and the service will not be provided regardless of the time of the rest of the paid service.

The Trackimo device uses GPS (Global Positioning System) technology and a SIM card mounted on the device to determine its location. The device location data displayed on the Trackimo.com portal is sent over the GSM network regardless of where the device is located.

The standard warranty is 24 months and does not cover damage caused by the fault of the user.

The Trackimo device most of the time indicates location with precisement to 15 meters / 50 feet. Certain weather conditions, poor reception of GPS signals around skyscrapers and other sources of error may affect the accuracy of GPS receivers and impair the precision of the device.

Our system allows you to see the location of your device through a web page after logging in to www.trackimo.eu or through one of our free mobile apps, which you can download free from Google Play or AppStore.

Our system is designed in a way that allows constant tracking around the world (without roaming charges) as long as the device is located within range of GSM network. If the device is not in range of the GSM network it won’t be able to send its location, after re-connecting to the network the device will update its tracking history.

Yes, the device will work wherever a mobile phone (GSM) is available to send data to the system in the country in which it is located.

The first step is charging the device for minimum of 12 hours using a standard micro USB cable. When charged, place the device out in the open and turn it on using the power button. After few minutes Trackimo will locate itself, a short press of the power button will show if the device is connected. If the led indicators start flashing the device is not yet connected.

When the device is prepared, go to www.trackimo.eu, register and confirm your account. When you log in chose “Activate device” from the menu panel and follow further instructions.

When the battery is charging, the red led is slowly flashing. When the device is fully charged, the red led is lit continuously. If You charge first time device, leave the device plugged into the charger for 12 hours or 24 hours when the device is charging from the computer.

After device’s charging for at least 12 hours: 1. Turn on the device. 2. Wait up to 10 minutes. Device need to locate and connect to the GSM network. 3. Open the www.trackimo.eu, click the „Register” button and then enter the email address required for logging in to the Trackimo site and password. 4. Check your email and confirm your registration. 5. After registration You can log on to trackimo.eu (select Login). 6. Then select „Activate device” and follow the instructions.

During the registration process, you will need to enter a Device ID. It is located on the label on the bottom of the box or under the battery of the device. This is a 7-digit number (eg 1000137).

Low battery notifications can be sent by email as well as by SMS text messages (up to a maximum of 10 SMS messages per month). In addition, the status of the charge is visible after logging.

Yes, you will still be able to view your historical Trackimo tracking data.

Change Subscription – Resume, Suspend, Cancel … Send the application A confirmation of receipt will be sent upon receipt. Please provide the ID number of the device concerned and briefly describe what you need to help.

We are grateful for every comments regarding Trackimo and our application. Please write to us at: contact@trackimo.eu