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Tracker for Pet
Why Trackimo?

Trackimo application allows you to track in real time, anywhere where a GSM signal is available. Are You lucky owner of pet and often travel with him? When going on walks equip your dog with Trackimo. You will know where your dog is if he runs away and gets lost.

39 mm diameter, 20 g weight. You can easy mount device with special pouch to your pet’s leash


Create him safe zone. If your pet cross the zone, you’ll get a notification!


Get to know your pet’s history of tracking up to 365 days

Find HIM

Free Mobile App on iOS, Android, WWW.


GPS Tracker for your Dog and Cat – Your Benefits

Real Time Tracking

Three systems: GPS, A-GPS and GSM enable you to locate a lost pet. Automatic tracking on the map – even every minute


Create up to 5 safe zones per device. Once your pet crosses the zone, you will get a notification!

Mobile Application (iOS, Android)&WWW

Download free Trackimo App for your phone (Apple or Android devices). You can also use a laptop or desktop computer

Smart Alarms

Smart alerts are SMS, e-mail and push (phone) notifications which will inform you about Geo-zones violation, speed alarm, movement alert.

Find Him!

Thanks to our device, you always know where your pet is moving. Tracking his location helps to find your lovely pet in the shortest possible time.

Small size

Thanks to the small size (39 mm diameter), the device can be attached to the leash without problems. The weight is only 20 g.

Trackimo – Best Choice

Do you know why it is worth choosing the Trackimo product?
Devices tailored to your needs and a reliable mobile application.

  • Intuitive application
  • Efficient batteryThe battery allows continuous operation of the device up to 8 days depending on the selected settings.
  • Water resistantThe devices are well protected from rain, moisture and dirt.
  • Worldwide coverageTrackimo is the only company on the Polish market that offers a service that operates worldwide without any additional roaming charges.