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Why Trackimo

You will always know where they are, and when an unforeseen situation occurs, they can easily call for help using the SOS function. You will always know when your child will reach school, a young driver exceeds speed limit or the elderly will lose their way home.

Thanks to the small size, the device can be easily put on hand or hidden in a backpack of a child or loved one


Set Geo-Fence, and you’ll get a notification when your child goes out of predefined area


Our devices are equipped with an SOS button that allows you to call for help regardless of where you are

SOS Button

Intuitive application will show you the current location of your loved one. Regardless of where you are


You will always know where your child is thanks to Trackimo

How Trackimo can help you to protect your child

Trackimo helps parents to overcome this anxiety by informing them when the child reaches school, activities or back home. Always know where they are and feel better.

  • Equip child’s backpack in Trackimo, and you will not have to worry about where and when your child arrives to school or classes back home.
  • If you leave your baby under the care of a nanny, just put Trackimo in the trolley, and you’ll always know if they are on the walk or at home.
  • Losing a child in a large, crowded shopping center is a nightmare for every parent, but it does not have to be yours anymore. With Trackimo’s help, you will always know where your child is.
  • For children there is nothing more exciting than carousels or slides. Before you decide on an amusement park, make sure that the Trackimo device in your child’s pocket is charged and turned on, and nowa time you will nowa t which attraction to look for.
  • With Trackimo you can track your child’s whereabouts during trips, summer camps and school events.
  • You can be sure that older children spend their time in safe places.

Real time tracking

GPS and GSM monitoring will enable you to very accurately locate the device at any time. The application allows you to choose tracking refresh rate up to 1 minute.

SOS button

When an unforeseen situation occurs, your child can easily call for help by pressing the SOS button. Child safety is the most important thing.

Geo-Fence Alert

This is an SMS and e-mail notification, that will inform you when your child will leave safe zone defined by you.

Travel history

The application will allow you to check at any time when and where were your loved ones up to 12 months back.

TRACKIMO – best choice

Do you know why it is worth choosing the Trackimo product?
Devices tailored to your needs and a reliable mobile application.

  • Intuitive application
  • Efficient batteryThe battery allows continuous operation of the device up to 14 days depending on the selected settings.
  • Water resistantThe devices are well protected from rain, moisture and dirt.
  • Worldwide coverageTrackimo is the only company on the Polish market that offers a service that operates worldwide without any additional roaming charges.